Theatre «Helikon-Opera» prepared seven premieres in the new season

© Photo : press service of «Helikon-Opera»the Facade of the theater Helikon-Opera. Archive photoTheatre «Helikon-Opera» prepared seven premieres in the new season© Photo : press service of «Helikon-Opera»

Moscow theatre «Helikon-Opera» will open August 31, the new 28th season with a loud premiere — Opera «Il Trovatore» by Verdi, spectators will enjoy several new projects with participation of foreign guests, said RIA Novosti art Director of the theatre national artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman.

Co-productions and projects

On the season, which took place on Monday, Bertman told about future plans.

«This season in may-June we will present on our stage joint theater düsseldorf, Deutsche Oper am Rhein Opera production of Rimsky-Korsakov «the Golden Cockerel», which premiered last season in Germany. And in one of the performances, as it was in Dusseldorf on our stage will sing the German and Russian singers,» — told RIA Novosti Bertman.

According to artistic Director, this year on stage of «Helikon-Opera» will be a lot of foreigners. The festival of modern dance DanceInversion at the hall of «Stravinsky» by the national ballet of Marseille, 2-3 December — Jessica lang Dance from the United States.

«We opened with a premiere of last season’s «Il Trovatore», where my co-author in the creation of the play was a Spanish conductor Oliver Diaz. I do believe that the involvement of foreign actors, Directors, conductors is very important because the culture today is the main bulwark of peace. Not coincidentally, a new joint project of our theatre and the Opera of Montreal concert, which will be performing the canadian and Russian singers, we are called «Ambassadors of peace,» said Bertman.

Premieres, festivals, balls and evening

In the new season will take place a premiere of new versions of Tchaikovsky’s «Queen of spades» and «Mazeppa». In the monodrama «the Human voice» Poulenc for the first time will come Tamara Gverdtsiteli. In may and June, the premiere of Rachmaninoff’s Opera «Aleko» directed by Rostislav Protasov.

The novelty of the season — an evening of one-act operas, which will be held on February 1, 2018. The public will be presented «the Servant mistress» by Pergolesi and «the Telephone» Menotti.

«In April 2018, viewers will see again the world premiere of last season — performance «Chatsky» Serebrennikov. Together with Cyril worked as his assistants, so even if he fails to rehearse, they will be able to do it for him,» said the Director.

The theatre does not forget about its young audience. Since September, for kids will go the new play «visiting the Opera tales», and in December and January, children and parents are invited to the Christmas premiere of the Christmas family musical «the Dream in summer night».

In the framework of the theatrical festival «See the music» on the stage of Helikon-Opera will perform three theater: St. Petersburg musical «Wonderland,» Chamber music «St. Petersburg Opera» and the Altai theatre of musical Comedy. «Helikon-Opera» also take part in this festival and 5 December will present the Opera «Sadko».

Congratulations on the anniversary

Many special projects are waiting for the audience of «Helikon-Opera» in the new season. One of the events scheduled for October 14, when the theatre will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the outstanding conductor, people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Fedoseyev, who from last season is the musical Director of the theatre. On stage this evening will sound two of the orchestra of «Helikon-Opera» and the Big symphonic them. Tchaikovsky, who is the head of Fedoseev.

© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikova from Giuseppe Verdi’s «Il Trovatore,» staged by Dmitry Bertman in «Helikon-Opera»Theatre «Helikon-Opera» prepared seven premieres in the new season© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikova from Giuseppe Verdi’s «Il Trovatore,» staged by Dmitry Bertman in «Helikon-Opera»