Went into a plus: named for a Russian film, recoup in a summer rental

© Fotolia / nyulЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoWent into a plus: named for a Russian film, recoup in a summer rental© Fotolia / nyul

Only one Russian film — «Grandma easy virtue» — paid off in the summer of 2017, writes «Kommersant» with reference to the portal kinodata.pro.

According to the newspaper, a film by Marius Weisberg has collected in Russia and CIS 130 million rubles. The total budget of the film was 90 million rubles.

Summer is traditionally considered to be an uncomfortable season for movies. The last time a Russian film has paid off over the summer months in 2015. Then profit to its creators brought the drama «Decide-2».

Since the beginning of 2017 year in rolling off four Russian film. In addition to «the Grandmother of easy virtue», this list included «the Pull» by Fyodor Bondarchuk, a Comedy by Roman Karimov «denied» and the horror film «the Bride» (directed by Svetoslav Podgaevsky).

The reasons for the failure of the summer

Deputy editor Kinobusiness.com Evgeny Volodin agreed that summer in Russia is traditionally considered «low» period for movies.

«In America, summer is the season of blockbusters, we are all exactly the opposite: in summer, people don’t rush to the cinema and try to go somewhere, and this year we have half of the summer was not at all in the second half, everybody was trying to catch up. In summer the Russian producers are trying anything serious that could raise money, keep saving movies to the beginning of the school year, on school holidays. The main fight for the hire — at the beginning of January,» — said the expert.

According to Volodina, it is difficult to determine have paid off a particular movie or not, because, apart from in the theaters filmmakers have other sources of income.

«The problem is that half of the Russian films we have no accurate data on the budget, the producers usually hide them carefully. We have always believed that the film has paid off, if it collected more than its production budget in half. Now the marketing budget is often approaching to production and say «paid off», not «paid off» is not entirely correct. In addition to cinemas, we have so many other platforms on which films make money — selling video, display in other countries, broadcast on television, the proceeds of which neither the producer will not advertise, our economy is such,» — said the Deputy of the editor-in-chief Kinobusiness.com.

The success of «Baby on the drive»

According Kinobusiness.com over the weekend the leader of the Russian hire was the film of British Director Edgar Wright’s «Little drive». The film, which tells the story of teenager in the service of the mafia, gathered 156,7 million rubles.

The most successful Russian band — «Grandma easy virtue» — took second place, earning over the weekend 74,1 million rubles. Three leaders closed the «Emoji movie», whose fees amounted to 66,6 million roubles.

The top five also included a fantastic picture of Luc Besson’s «Valerian and the city of a thousand planets» (66 million) and the Thriller «the Bodyguard, killer» (56 million).