Aksenov about the reshuffle: be wary of anyone who does not work

© RIA Novosti / Max Petropalace in photobacteria Feldman. Archival photoAksenov about the reshuffle: be wary of anyone who does not work© RIA Novosti / Max Petropalace the image Bank

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the possible personnel changes in the leadership of Simferopol are not ends in themselves, but the issue of replacement personnel may stand, if the officials will not work.

«All want to know. This is not an end in itself, but tired,» — said Aksenov reporters, answering a question about a possible reshuffle in the leadership of the city.

Previously Aksenov said that he intends to make a presentation at the session of the Simferopol city Council to declare reprimand to the head of administration Gennady Baharev due to the lack of reaction on the dismantling of commercial facilities and inadequate garbage collection.

«Be wary of anyone who does not work. It’s nothing personal. You will be pleased if, in terms of performance I will be the 85th in the country? No, you say, let’s find another leader. There are principles of work colleagues I explained that I work for them not going, to break can not. When they make me dive into the details, for whom I work – I will understand that I have the issue of the replacement data frames. I’m not a hammer head on the head of state parts that I should decide for himself from the hatch to the fire escape,» — said Aksenov.

The head of the Crimea said that last week together with the head of administration of Simferopol went to the Crimean Federal University and dealt with watermelons and melons that were lying on the steps of the hostel.

«Well, guys have to be some boundaries, barriers, Bank? Can’t all happen — no one knows anything, those are bad, it’s these. Me 20 minutes I had to find out. And the person who deals with this issue should know everything up as cats call in this area», — said Aksenov.

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