All schools by the end of the school year, will open a chess mugs

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Chess club by the end of the new academic year should appear in every Russian school, in future the introduction of appropriate lessons, said Tuesday the Director of Department of state policy in the sphere of education of children and youth of Ministry of education of the Russian Federation Igor Mikheev.

«Schools in our country 42 thousand, and we would like to at the end of the school year do every school at least had a club for children of different ages… this year, we will do everything to ensure that every school had these mugs. Well, the next stage is the introduction of chess lessons that cover the entire school,» said Mikheyev at the round table in the Public chamber devoted to the questions of chess education in schools.

According to him, the Ministry of education «will be sufficient seriously to maintain and support the development of chess in the regions and the introduction of chess in schools».

He added that the already developed training materials that will be distributed in the Russian schools. Mikheev also noted that the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva advocates that in Russian schools there were five free additional education circles, one of which is chess.

In turn, the President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said that he positively assesses the prospect of implementation of chess education.

«Chess is very much needed in school: not that we bred the world Champions, and so we can nurture versatile educated person,» he said during a round table in the OP of the Russian Federation.


In turn, the first Deputy Chairman of Commission OP of the Russian Federation for the development of education and science Ludmila dudova said that in introducing chess as a compulsory subject there are «pitfalls» in particular – the problem of training and their certification.

«Today teachers of chess we have nowhere to cook, and so we have no way to ensure the availability of this education,» said dudova, noting that in the case of the introduction of chess as a mandatory subject in need and to develop programs of retraining.

According to a member of public chamber, it is possible to consider the implementation of chess in schools as «the third lesson of physical culture», but here it is necessary to examine the educational standards for the subject this possibility. The social worker sees a good Outlook and the absence of serious obstacles in the implementation of chess education as an extra.

She also suggested that the Ministry of education to include in the list of the all-Russian school Olympiads Olympiad chess for the initial link.