Durov called bitcoin a chance to get out of the «US hegemony»

© Fotolia / ргіма91Электронная currency bitcoin. Archival photoDurov called bitcoin a chance to get out of the «US hegemony»© Fotolia / prima91

The founder of Telegram messenger and social network «Vkontakte» Pavel Durov believes that bitcoin is a chance to overcome the global financial system from under a dollar «hegemony», he wrote on his page «Vkontakte».

«For the first time in 70 years, the global financial system has a chance to get out from under the hegemony of the United States, which imposed the world its national currency as a reserve and since then, in fact, collect tribute from all countries, paying its debts indefinitely stamped dollars and buying up assets around the world,» — wrote Durov.

However, he criticized the idea of the Ministry of Finance to prohibit private individuals to buy cryptocurrency.

Earlier on Monday, Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Moiseyev said that the cryptocurrency should be regulated as a financial asset, and allow its purchase only by qualified investors on the Moscow stock exchange; ordinary citizens it will have to undergo testing and obtain such status.

«And instead seize the chance to make the world more balanced and, together with Japan and other Asian countries to recognize the status of a new digital currency replace the dollar, the Russian government heard the voice «let’s ban and restrict». It creates the impression that bitcoin imposes sanctions on Russia,» — said Durov.