Grymov has condemned the bill on the introduction of fees for the hire of foreign films

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in Photobacterium Yuri Grymov. Archival photoGrymov has condemned the bill on the introduction of fees for the hire of foreign films© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

The introduction of the fee for the rental of the film in Russia will lead to the disappearance of quality cinema and the domination of us blockbusters, says the Director, the art Director of theatre «modern» Yury Grymov, whose words are quoted by the press service of the theater.

Previously on the portal of legal information has placed a bill under which the Ministry of culture proposes to introduce a fee in the amount of 5 million rubles for the rental of films, not to pay this fee will be possible only if the rental has not exceeded 100 sessions. The law should enter into force on 1 January 2018.

«The Ministry of culture distinctly, in letters dictates Russian cinephiles in the cinema good movie world will not forget the cinemas, free room for American blockbusters, your aesthetic tastes are not interesting. This is the Manifesto of the Ministry of culture, who literally blows: if foreign movies, only Hollywood. Only the mega profitable kenogamissi. Popcorn. Point,» said Grymov.

According to him, a lot of cash in Russia, collected only blockbusters and their commercial success testifies «to the end of spectator culture in the world.» He notes that with the introduction of the contribution of the Ministry of culture will take up a sieve and start to weed out «unsuccessful» from the point of view of box office movies.

«A good movie left in the world not so much. Hollywood trying to resist France, Italy, filming interesting Asian Directors. But their paintings before minimal came to the Russian audience, but such films don’t stand a chance. And if the West will have its own course, we’ll know about it, but not see. And will remain our audience one-on-one with spider-Man,» Grymov said.