In Moscow extended the house arrest of the math calling for riots

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in fotobabble mathematics teacher of the Moscow financial legal Academy Dmitry Bogatov Presnensky court of Moscow. 29 August 2017In Moscow extended the house arrest of the math calling for riots© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

Presnensky court of Moscow on Tuesday extended until October 7, the house arrest of the mathematics of the Moscow financial and law University (MFUA), Dmitry Bogatov, accused of incitement to riot, told RIA Novosti in court.

Bogatov was detained, however, in July, he softened the measure of restraint at the request of the investigation because of a number of chronic diseases of the accused.

According to investigators, the women «carried out the calls of explosions, arson or other actions intimidating the population, incitement to riot, resistance to the actions of the authorities, violence against the person». Thus, considers a consequence, a mathematician, were intended to «destabilize the political situation in the country.»

The defendant denies guilt, noting that at the time of publication of the relevant communications on the Internet, he was in the gym, and after — in store, confirmed by video surveillance cameras. According to the lawyer, a single IP address which was allegedly reported of an extremist nature, located in Japan, and after the arrest Bogatov someone with the same nickname continues to publish messages on the same resource.

Earlier it was reported that on March 29, the Internet free to access for an unlimited circle of persons unknown person under a pseudonym was posted text messages calling for extremist actions. On this fact the investigation has opened a case of incitement to riot.

According to investigators, 25-year-old women placed their content using servers abroad, which allowed to hide the traces. Investigators conducted searches of his home, during which seized computer and other equipment «used for the transfer and dissemination of information» and «other items relevant to the investigation.»