In the Indian state of Bihar, the number of flood victims has risen to 514 people

© AP Photo / Ajit SolankiСезон rains in India. Archival photoIn the Indian state of Bihar, the number of flood victims has risen to 514 people© AP Photo / Ajit Solanki

At least 514 people were killed in floods in the Indian state of Bihar in August, reported RIA Novosti in the Department of emergency management staff (DMD).

Earlier it was reported that the death toll was 379 people.

«Today the death toll is 514 people», — said the representative of DMD.

More than 17 million people in 19 of the 38 districts in the state are in any degree affected by the disaster. Continues to 150 temporary shelters, which are home to 159 thousand people. The authorities expect that the affected States will be back to normal within three to four days, said the Agency interlocutor.

Heavy rains hit Northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh in early August. Floods are one of the most dangerous natural disasters by number of victims in India. So, the meteorological Department of India in January reported that overall for the year 2016, about 1.6 thousand people became victims of severe weather and natural disasters. Most people — about 700 people died because of the heat, which is set in India usually in April-June. The second death a natural phenomenon began flooding caused by rainfall is about 475 victims. About 415 people died from lightning strikes during thunderstorms in pregassona and monsoon seasons.