In the suburbs found a rare lynx

© Photo : environmental Fund «Upstream»Lynx in Mozhaisk district near MoscowIn the suburbs found a rare lynx© Photo : the conservation Fund «the Upper»

In the Mozhaisk district of the Moscow region found the rare lynx and the badger, said the press service of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the region.

«In the framework of the monitoring of flora and fauna of the Moscow region, which are being ordered by the Ministry of environment, biologists have made another valuable observation. Camera traps installed in the Mozhaisk district, recorded representatives of two rare species – the badger and the lynx», — stated in the message.

As noted in the Ministry of environment, earlier recorded only a few observations of lynx, listed in the Red book of the Moscow region under the 1st category (species under threat of extinction). The last time this predator was observed in the Noginsk district, on the territory of protected areas «chernogolovskaya reserve». Photos and videos of lynx on the loose a very little. Badger in the suburbs also rare, he is a candidate for entry into the regional Red book as endangered species.

As the biologists, photographic images of rare species is of great scientific value: it not only confirms the dwelling of the beast in this area, but also to determine the sex, age, condition of the animal and to identify its distinctive features (e.g., characteristics of colour) that will help track the fate of the beast.