Kogan was a brilliant musician and everyone’s favorite, the pianist believes Rozum

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in photobacteria Dmitry Kogan. Archival photoKogan was a brilliant musician and everyone’s favorite, the pianist believes Rozum© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The conductor and violinist Dmitry Kogan was a decoration of any orchestra, everyone’s favorite, a bright musician and a restless person with a lot of projects in mind, said the pianist Yuri Rozum.

Honored artist of Russia, the famous violinist Dmitry Kogan died in Moscow on Tuesday at the age of 39 years.

«What a misfortune! Dima is a bright musician, a true friend, he tried so much to do, he was a magnificent conductor and violinist with a million projects, the continuation of the dynasty of Cohen. We have been friends with him. Just a few days before I found out about his disease, we met him on the anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova, where he made a grandiose project — music of a lifetime Tereshkova, shown in the photographs,» Rozum told RIA Novosti.

The pianist noted that Kogan has always participated in the projects his charity Foundation, and he in turn, in concerts Kogan.

«It was always a great joy. Dima absolutely tireless man with an incredible smile, he was loved, he was decoration of every concert and every society where it appeared. What grief for parents to outlive a son who was in the very height of his creative powers, he had just begun its ascent,» added Rozum.

Dmitri Kogan was born October 27, 1978 in Moscow at the famous musical dynasty. His grandfather was an outstanding violinist Leonid Kogan, grandma — a famous violinist and pedagogue Elizaveta Gilels, the father of conductor Pavel Kogan, the mother — pianist Love Kazinski, who graduated from the Academy of music. Gnesin.

Kogan since the age of six began studying the violin at the Central music school at the Moscow state Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky.