Macron: France and Russia have achieved results on the problem of chemical weapons in Syria

© RIA Novosti / Alex Particupate in Photobacterium of France Emmanuel macron. Archival photoMacron: France and Russia have achieved results on the problem of chemical weapons in Syria© RIA Novosti / Alex Participerait the image Bank

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that France had reached with Russia «concrete results» on the issue of chemical weapons in Syria.

Speaking to the ambassadors at the Elysee Palace, macron once again reminded about the «red lines» in Syria, referring to the use of chemical weapons. «The first is to stop using chemical weapons in Syria,» he said.

«And I have to say, after our meeting (with the Russian President Vladimir Putin — ed.) in Versailles with Russia we achieved concrete results on this issue (chemical weapons in Syria — ed.),» said macron.

Putin arrived in Versailles at the invitation of the Macron may 29. The main topics discussed were bilateral relations, the situation in Syria and Ukraine.

The Syrian opposition and the West in April accused the government troops of ATS in the deaths of 80 people in the use of chemical weapons in the town of Khan Shaykhun, Idlib province. Damascus strongly denied the accusations and blamed on militants and their patrons. USA, not showing any evidence of guilt of the Syrian military and not listening to Russia’s call for a thorough investigation, attacked a Syrian military base Shirt on the night of 7 April.

The investigation of the incident in Idlib addressed by a joint Commission of the OPCW and the UN.

Stocks of chemical weapons were successfully evacuated from Syria, in January 2016, the OPCW declared the complete elimination of chimurenga of the country.