«Moschino» show Soviet films about the relationship of adolescents and teachers

© RIA Novostimoscow schoolboy Vitya Kosykh in the role of Bone Inochkina in the movie Welcome, or no trespassing. Archival photo«Moschino» show Soviet films about the relationship of adolescents and teachers© RIA Novosti

The cinema network «Moschino» for students on 1 and 2 September will host the program «the film older.» Young spectators will be presented to the best Soviet pattern, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the touching story of the relationship between adolescents, their relationships with parents and teachers, reported on the official portal of the mayor of the capital.

The main characters are students and Teens who are faced with the nobleness and meanness, learn from the mistakes and growing up before our eyes.

The program will include such films as the Comedy «Welcome, or no trespassing» by elem Klimov, family film «Call, open the door» by Alexander Mitta, one of the most iconic works of Soviet time «Draw» Vladimir Menshov, romance «the Key is not transferable» Dinara Assanova, a musical Comedy «Balamut» Vladimir Horn, drama «You can not dream…» by Ilya Frez, and many others.