OSCE condemns «provocative» missile launches, the DPRK

© 2017 AFP / JUNG Yeon-Je Stream of news about the new launch of North Korean missiles in Seoul. 29.08.17OSCE condemns «provocative» missile launches, the DPRK© 2017 AFP / JUNG Yeon-Je

The OSCE condemns the DPRK for its missile tests, saying it was a provocation, said the current Chairman of the organization of the Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

«The chairmanship of the OSCE would continue to denounce the constant provocations of the DPRK and violations of international law in the most categorical manner», — said in his statement in the microblog Twitter.

He also believes that «the policy of confrontation must be replaced by the political process, ensuring the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.»

On Tuesday morning, North Korea has tested another ballistic missile, presumably, medium-range, which flew over Japan and fell into the Pacific ocean. The US and South Korea threatened to give a «powerful response» to Pyongyang, not excluding military action in case of further «provocations». Japan, USA and South Korea have demanded the convening of the UN security Council.OSCE condemns «provocative» missile launches, the DPRK© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka can fly rockets to the DPRK