Public organization of the Russian Federation sent the Syrians a book about the siege of Leningrad

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Vinogradova in photobacteria soldiers of the Center for conciliation of the warring parties has delivered humanitarian aid to the village Kasmin in the vicinity of LatakiaPublic organization of the Russian Federation sent the Syrians a book about the siege of Leningrad© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Vinogradova to the photobank

Activists of the Russian humanitarian organizations sent to the Syrian children and their parents together with the party of Russian textbooks new Arabic edition of the book about the siege of Leningrad, said Tuesday the representative of public organization «Russian humanitarian mission» Elizaveta Makarova.

Makarov spoke at a conference on «Humanitarian cooperation of public associations in areas of armed conflict and natural disasters», which took place in the framework of the III International Christian forum in Moscow.

«Now, with the active cooperation with the Fund of Dr. Lisa «Fair use», we supply humanitarian aid to Syria, in Aleppo. Going, medical supplies, food, textbooks of the Russian language. In particular, with our support, was translated into Arabic and presented the book of Ninel Karibskoe «871 days» — artwork, on the blockade of Leningrad», — said Makarov.

According to the representative «Russian humanitarian mission», given what the situation is now Syria, a book about the wartime events in Leningrad and the heroism of the blockade, translated into the Arabic language, may be especially relevant to the peaceful citizens of Syria, whose territory the militants of the Islamic state (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

The author of the book «871 days» Ninel Kaftyreva (in marriage Karibskaya) at 11 years of age met the Great Patriotic war. The girl lived in the besieged Leningrad with his mother the entire 871-day siege. Memories of that tragic time was the basis of a book written Karibskoe at the request of his daughter. At the moment the book is translated also in English, French, German, Armenian, Estonian, Hungarian and Serbian.

Armed conflict in Syria continues from March 2011. According to the UN, during this time, killed more than 220 thousand people.