Stepashin: the problem of personnel in construction need to address the budget places

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Andreapernici in fotomontaje. Archival photoStepashin: the problem of personnel in construction need to address the budget places© RIA Novosti / Sergey Andreapernici the image Bank

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services Sergei Stepashin believes that to cope with the shortage of personnel in the construction industry could be through the allocation of budget places in the higher and average special educational institutions.

«We need to give the budget places. Every year 300 thousand of lawyers, but rather, people receiving a law degree, is produced. Why so much? Why do so many scientists, pseudo -? And construction professions today are not the Russians, not citizens of my country. I asked the leadership of the region to study, we with the Ministry of construction and Minobrom definitely say to give budget designated for construction specialties», — said Stepashin to journalists in Kaliningrad on Tuesday held a meeting of the Presidium of the public Council under the Ministry of the Russian Federation.

He also noted that an important theme today is the development of a system of residential education not only for future professionals of the construction sector, but also for management companies.

«Interesting Novella sounded, I for the first time in Kaliningrad heard that all our citizens be trained on how to contain the house, the entrance apartment. Not to do two years overhaul», — said Stepashin.