Taiga hermit prays for the health of Tuleyev

© Photo : press-service GUMCHS on Hakaniemenranta recluse Agafya Lykova. Archive photoTaiga hermit prays for the health of Tuleyev© Photo : press-service GUMCHS in the Republic of Khakassia

The head of Tashtagol district Vladimir Makuta from the Governor of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev was airlifted taiga hermit-the old believer Agafya Lykova products and necessary things for the winter weighing more than 500 pounds; the hermit said that praying for the health of the head of the Kuzbass, according to the regional administration.

According to the authorities, Makuta visited the settlement during a flyby of Shor taiga and its examination on the subject of infection of pest – Ussuri polygraph. Along the way, the helicopter took with the squatting of a sheltered 10 students who helped the old believer to prepare for winter.

«Agafya Lykov wrote to the Governor Aman Tuleyev letter with wishes of good health. The hermit gave the news through the head of Tashtagol district Vladimir Makuta… Barely saying Hello, she noted that praying for the health of the Governor», — stated in the message.

According to the press service, the head of the district gave her 150 kg of feed for chickens, 100 kg of feed for goats, 50 kg of wheat, 50 pounds of other grains (including rice, buckwheat, millet), 150 kg of bread flour, oranges, watermelon, as well as candles, batteries and clay for coating the stove. In addition, Lykov has got grown by cottagers Tashtagol potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini.

Agafya Lykova is the only surviving representative of the family conservatives have been found by geologists in 1978 in the Western Sayan mountains. The Lykov family lived in isolation since 1937, many years hermits tried to protect the family from the influence of the external environment, especially in relation to faith. When discovered by geologists in the taiga inhabitants were five: head of the family, Karp Lykov, the sons Savvin (45), Dimitri (age 36) and daughter Natalia (age 42), Agafya (34). In 1981, one after another, died, three of the children Savvin, Dmitry and Natalia, and in 1988 passed away father Lykov. Currently Agafya Lykova lives in the forest alone.

Despite the fact that geographically, the settlement a sheltered refers to the Republic of Khakassia, Tula for many years a patron of Lykova. They first met in the fall of 1997, when he visited the settlement. Letters from Lykova different requests Tuleyev most often delivers the head of Tashtagol district.

Tuleyev went to the official vacation on may 22, later it was extended because of the surgery, which he was prescribed due to problems with the intervertebral discs back in the fall of 2016. However, due to the busy schedule, the Governor was operated on for seven months and combined with the official vacation. After this, some media reported that the Governor was allegedly going to resign. This is denied in the administration of Kuzbass. Back in Kemerovo on August 12, Tuleyev continues rehab on an outpatient basis.