The acting head of Mordovia has received from Putin the folder with the complaints of residents of the region

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in potomacfever Putin and the acting head of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov during a meeting. 29 August 2017The acting head of Mordovia has received from Putin the folder with the complaints of residents of the region© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the information received from the inhabitants of Mordovia complaints in a direct line with acting head of the region Vladimir Volkov; treatment related to the condition of roads, lack of social infrastructure, non-payment of wages and fence around the lake Inerka.

«Vladimir Dmitriyevich, you’re old, you mentioned the citizens – I’ll give you this folder with addresses of inhabitants of Mordovia me in a straight line, we’ll see. The traditional, however, some need to pay particular attention to: the condition of rural roads, lack of social infrastructure in new buildings, including in Saransk: has built a new neighborhood, but there is no kindergarten. It is necessary to pay attention to it during construction and to set goals, to determine the provision of land required support, construction of social infrastructure,» — said Putin at the meeting with Volkov in the Kremlin.

As noted by the President of the Russian Federation, «there are problems with wages». «There was a note on it,» — said the Russian leader.

«And about the destination. The largest lake, Enerca, fenced. It is necessary to see how such action is in conformity with the current law. If the law made is one thing, but if there are any violations, then you need to put in order in accordance with the law. I’ll give you all this and expect you to report on what has been done in these issues,» Putin said.

The acting Governor has told at the meeting that a positive trend in the region continues in almost all sectors of the economy.

«If you take an industry, for seven months the index of industrial production – 13%, investment in fixed assets – 24%. That is very important for us is the increase of real incomes of the population, 3%; 4% – growing village. And thanks to the Russian programs, domestic programs, rising 18% on delivery of housing. It’s the current situation,» he said.

According to him, the region completed major projects: put about 20 industrial facilities, schools, large dialysis center. As Volkov said, construction of four large selhoztehnika. «This year only selhozzapchastey we send more than 15 billion rubles of investments», — he said.

He noted that at an accelerated pace after the second stage of fiber plant will soon begin its construction, and then in a year or two the country will get rid of import dependence in the optical fiber.

Wolves showed the Russian President the first substance on antibiotics received at the pharmaceutical plant in Mordovia. «In February we completed production on 31 December four of our antibiotic substance, in February we start production, we will produce ourselves, and substance, and antibiotics. Antibiotics of this class there is import substitution, but now already developed antibiotic, which is not in the world. Think that will report you after some time that we have these antibiotics. 7 billion will be the amount of this plant for the antibiotics,» said he.

As reported by the acting Governor, Mordovia wagon builders went to overseas markets.

«Last year we went to the market of Cuba, Iran. This year 4.5 thousand cars do. We’ve got about 5 thousand people working for us, it is fundamentally important. A solution to the problem: a big plus we will give in a social situation in the Republic of Mordovia»,- he said.

As stated by wolves in the national technology Park in collaboration with the University and one of the plants created silicon carbide is a new semiconductor material that can be used at high temperatures.

«Social issues are now also resolved. As for the decrees, we are now doing them on social issues and for salary completely. And other issues pertaining to the social sphere being addressed. Many are now working in medicine, although the medicine a lot of questions and appeals of citizens. But we keep it under constant control, because when it comes to optimization, it is clear that basically, as I said, it’s not even about money, but in our psychology and in the organization. These are the questions we now solve»,- he said.