The actor of «Game of thrones» told about what will be next season

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Who played ser Davos seaworth in the «Game of thrones» actor Liam Cunningham has told, what will be the next, the eighth season of the series, according to the publication the Hollywood Reporter.

On Monday, the screens out the final episode of the seventh season of «Game of thrones» entitled «the Dragon and the wolf.»

«I think that next season will join all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I think that was this season, overall, this disparate places and people. In the end, the funnel came to the mark, which all together,» said Cunningham.

«It should be interesting where this is going, because all of these people and families who don’t know each other, unite to fight common enemy,» he continued.

The actor said that the film crew had not yet seen the script of the next season, which will be six episodes.

«Things can go anywhere… People don’t know where this is going, I don’t know what will be the battle, do not know who will fail the throne in the end. We don’t even know whether the throne! Anything can happen… It’s incredibly complicated story, created by adults for adults,» shared Cunningham.

To the question, what is the mood things work out for the crew at the end of filming the final season, Cunningham replied that it would be «extremely strange.» «For us to be a part of this story, this indisputable cultural phenomenon — an incredible gift. This is one of the things I’m most proud of in your resume. I’ll smile, remembering the work the rest of my days,» — said the actor.

The TV series «Game of thrones» is based on a fantasy series of George R. R. Martin’s «a Song of ice and fire». Having exhausted the material books, the series has started up in independent swimming, developing the plot beyond published novels. The novels and the series takes place on two fictional continents, where a number of aristocratic families vie for dominance over the Seven kingdoms of Westeros, while all of humanity is threatened by destruction due to the invasion of supernatural forces.

Novels Martin and the series has received recognition for the detailed development and unexpected plot twists, including the death of main characters. The creators of the series got 38 prestigious Emmys. This is the most popular series in the portfolio of NVO and one of the most popular television series in history.

The actor of «Game of thrones» told about what will be next season© Infographical of thrones: wait