The hackers are threatening to throw Muslim women in England acid

© AFP 2017 / Adek Waggamama woman in the Central mosque of LondonThe hackers are threatening to throw Muslim women in England acid© AFP 2017 / Adek Berry

British police launched an investigation in connection with the fact that the Muslims of Bradford are the letters, in which attackers threatened them with acid attacks, The Guardian reports.

Officers from West Yorkshire said that «serious about these threats.» Law enforcement agencies have increased patrolling in the Muslim area near Hanover square, where last week threatening letters received by at least two people.

To parcels attached an image of the sword and the flag of St George with the words «Kill the filthy Muslims»».

The letter’s authors also wonder why Muslim women wear the burqa, and then say: «Now we’re going to make acid attacks on everyone who wears a funny black mask».

The Guardian notes that the sharp rise in Islamophobic sentiments in Britain occurred after the terrorist attacks in London, Manchester, and London.