The Libyan Hamada field resumed oil production

© AP Photo / Hasan JamaliНефтяная tower. Archival photoThe Libyan Hamada field resumed oil production© AP Photo / Hasan Jamali

Oil production at the Hamada field in Libya were resumed Monday after being suspended a day earlier, said on Tuesday the Agency Bloomberg, citing a source.

The Agency adds that the oil is supplied to the terminal oil refinery in the city of Zawiya. On Sunday, the Agency announced force majeure at the fields of El-Fil and Hamada after blocking militants pipelines connecting the field with other objects.

Earlier this month, a few times was suspended Libya’s largest field Sharara. The pipeline for this field in the West of Libya were blocked by the group «Guard oil installations» (Petroleum Facilities Guard) from November 2014 to December 2016. Once the group lifted the blockade, the work on the field was stopped several times due to armed riots, protests, evacuation of employees and other such problems.

Libya has some of the largest oil reserves in Africa at 48 billion barrels. Thus the country is exempt from obligations under the agreement by OPEC and some not members of the organization of oil producing countries on the reduction of oil production because of the situation in the security sphere.

Read more about oil prices is available on the website of RIA news >>The Libyan Hamada field resumed oil production© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photomontaged forces in the world oil market