The owner of the theater told about the premiere of the new season

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in photobacteria hall Main stage of the Maly theater. Archival photoThe owner of the theater told about the premiere of the new season© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

Premiere performances of «Tsar Boris» by Alexei Tolstoy’s play, «the old lady’s Visit» by Friedrich dürrenmatt and «Talents and admirers» by Alexander Ostrovsky will take place at the Maly theatre in the new season, said artistic Director Yuri Solomin on the season on Tuesday.


Before gathering the troupe was greeted by the oldest artists of the theater and observed a minute of silence deceased actors. Also some members of staff presented awards and Acknowledgements for more than thirty years work in the theatre.

«This season we will run the play «King Lear», «the Marriage» Gogol, «Tsar Boris» by Alexei Tolstoy,» — said Solomin.

262 season in the Maly theatre opens «the Grief from mind» on 2 September. Premiere of «King Lear» is scheduled for September 10, the title role will be performed by people’s artist of Russia Boris Nevzorov.

According to straw, also on the old stage of the theater play «Talents and admirers» by Ostrovsky, but a group of artists from Israel will deliver «old lady’s Visit».

Contemporary theatre

Has not done without congratulations of the artistic Director, on this day sixty years ago, the theater came a young graduate of the Schepkin school Yuri Solomin. On this occasion, the theatre’s staff and the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky gave a Straw two large bouquet of red roses.

«Yury mefodevich, congratulations on the sixtieth anniversary of service in the Maly theater. This is a special theatre, I welcome you all to the renovated historic building… Wish I would like only one thing – for all of us Small theater is not only the oldest theatre of the country, the Keeper of traditions, but today, looking at the processes that occur worldwide, and countries where there is no repertory theatre and where there is an extensive theatrical tradition, we can say that the tradition of classical theatre, which was founded by our ancestors in antiquity, they are washed away,» said Medina.

According to him, at this point, the little theatre is a «rock Outpost», on which the whole world of theatrical culture. «I would like to have more Prime. I think it would be great if there were more plays about modern life, our contemporaries,» — said the Minister.

Attract viewers

Solomin reminded that in last season the theatre went to a huge amount of touring, including in Tashkent, Stavropol, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Ulyanovsk, Kursk and Bryansk.

Theater Director Tamara Mikhailova illustrated it with dry numbers. On tour, the artists showed the audience the 33 performance in 11 cities and earned 23 million. All, according to her, last year, the theater played for 408 performances, earning more than 259 million rubles. In the same season, the theatre plans to deliver 517 performances.

Mikhailov also said that the theater must look for new ways to attract viewers.

«At the Bolshoi theater is a wonderful performance of «the Nutcracker» and it is considered good form before the New year to go on this show. We have a lovely performance of «the snow Queen». Why don’t we organize evenings for children at the Maly theater before the New year,» she explained.