The power of the German Herxheim decided to leave the «Hitler bell» at the Church in town

© AP Photo / Hannes KammerstaetterКолокол with the name of Adolf Hitler in the castle in the commune of Wolfpassing in AustriaThe power of the German Herxheim decided to leave the «Hitler bell» at the Church in town© AP Photo / Hannes Kammerstaetter

City Council Herxheim decided to leave in place the Church bell with the Nazi inscription, said mayor Ronald Becker in an interview with Sputnik.

The bell with the inscription «All for the Fatherland. Adolf Hitler» hangs in the St. Jakob Church since 1934. The inhabitants of the city knew about the «engraving», but the scandal erupted only after one of organistic reported it to the media.

Becker noted that bell does not belong to the Church and the commune Herxheim, so the decision about his fate was political and was adopted by the city Council.

«The bell is under protection of monuments. Need to check on any scale can be resolved changes. Another option is to set the Church on a sign with the relevant information», — said the mayor Herxheim.

According to him, the most unlikely option is to remove the bell. The new commune will cost 50 thousand euros, but such money is not there, added Mr. Becker.

On the question, will we be able to knock bells, a swastika and the inscription, the answer is to give special invitee. If confirmed, what changes can ruin the sound quality or the integrity of the shell, the bell will remain unchanged.

Some organization tried to redeem the bell, giving the parish a letter of offer and «nationalist Hello», but the community did not want to deal with it.

In Herxheim sure that the bell — historical object, and I hope that he will remain in the Church.

«The bell weighs about 250 pounds and hangs in the Church tower. It is unlikely someone will steal it», says Becker.