The Prosecutor demands to leave in force the sentence of the accomplice of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka

© Fotolia / Sebastian DudaВ the courtroom. Archival photoThe Prosecutor demands to leave in force the sentence of the accomplice of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka© Fotolia / Sebastian Duda

Prosecutors said fair 19-year sentence of an accomplice of a terrorist attack in the theatrical center on Dubrovka Hassan Zakayev, the correspondent of RIA Novosti in the hall of the Supreme court.

«The Prosecutor’s office asks to leave the sentence of the Moscow district military court against Zakayev unchanged,» said the judge, reading out the materials of the case.

Earlier, during debate of the parties, the Prosecutor believed that the defendant should be sent to the colony for 23 years.

Zakayev and his lawyer asked to cancel a sentence and recovered in a civil lawsuit damages, to take his part of the charges and «assign a fair punishment.»

The victims and their representatives are asked to return the case to the Prosecutor or for a new trial, because, in their opinion, it is necessary to make an examination of the causal connection of the death of hostages and actions Zakayev.

In addition, according to lawyers, the investigation has not notified all of the victims on the investigation and consideration of the case of Zakayev, and violated their right to protection.

The Prosecutor’s office asks to leave all the appeal — and the defendant, and the victims were dismissed.

The tragedy in the Moscow theater center on Dubrovka occurred on October 23-26, 2002: a group of militants took hostage the audience of the musical «Nord-OST» and theatre employees. Almost three days later occurred the storming of the building, the terrorists were killed, and the surviving hostages. The attack killed 130 hostages.

In the process, Zakayev has admitted that he transported weapons used by the terrorists, but did not know what he is taking and for what purpose. According to him, for the delivery of arms, he received about four thousand dollars and a mobile phone. In this case the accused denied complicity in the terrorist acts, murders and hostage-taking.

Prosecutors in the indictment stated that Zakayev was part of a group «of Chechen separatists, who acted with the purpose to influence the authorities of Russia and the withdrawal of troops conducted counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya.» Zakayev was instructed to deliver to Moscow detonators and explosive devices, including those disguised as fuel tanks.

At this time his partners were looking for a place to attack. As stated in the Prosecutor’s office, the militants before the seizure of hostages at Dubrovka had planned another two attacks: booby-trapped two cars and left them at the «Okhotny Ryad» and «McDonald’s» on Malaya Bronnaya, the machines were on a timer at the time of the explosion.

However, in one of the machines without triggering the detonator disconnected the wire, and instead of Semtex in the explosive device was his imitator. In the second car the detonator worked, but there was also a simulator.

The terrorists also considered the possibility of capture of the Bolshoi theater, DK Gorbunova, and a Large concert hall named after Tchaikovsky, said the prosecution.