«Yandex.Cards» removed Sakhalin

© RIA Novostizenit Yandex.Card for iPhone. Archival photo«Yandex.Cards» removed Sakhalin© RIA Novosti

The Service «Yandex.Map» displays the island of Sakhalin. The reason for the failure is unclear, its arrival coincided with North Korea’s missile launch to the neighbouring Sakhalin to the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

The island appears on the map at the maximum distance (3000 km), disappears when you increase the map (scale of 1000 km, 600 km and 200 km) and appears again with a further approximation.

The failure is on the map, while satellite and hybrid maps no problems.

The bug is in the web version of the service in different browsers as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The problem was noticed around 2.00 Moscow time on the night Tuesday and were still an hour and a half.

A review of «Yandex», RIA Novosti has not yet.

After the rocket launch by the DPRK on «Yandex.Maps» lost Russian Sakhalin https://t.co/r0nGfsRzQH pic.twitter.com/I4R8sLYi3z

— REN-TV | news (@rentvchannel) 29 Aug 2017