About 18 thousand refugees-Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh from Myanmar for a week

© AFP 2017 / Christophe ArchambaultСудно migrants Rohingya people. Archival photoAbout 18 thousand refugees-Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh from Myanmar for a week© 2017 AFP / Christophe Archambault

At least 18 of thousands of ethnic Rohingya refugees fleeing from the renewed clashes in Myanmar, crossed the border with Bangladesh last week, according to the international organization for migration (IOM).

As Reuters reported, according to IOM, there are «hundreds and hundreds» of people are currently in the neutral zone between Bangladesh and Myanmar, their exact number is difficult to calculate.

Earlier it was reported that on 25 August, Bangladeshi authorities denied entry to thousands of refugees Rohingya people after the security forces of Myanmar and the militant Rohingya broke out new clashes in Rakhine state.

The militant Rohingya on August 25 simultaneously attacked several police posts and army barracks in Rakhine state. Clashes between the security forces of Myanmar and militants is still going on. In the days of the most intense fighting, from August 25 to 27, in clashes killed nearly a hundred people, including more than ten policemen and soldiers.

Rohingya (Rohingya) is an ethnic Bengali Muslims who were resettled in Arakan in the XIX — early XX century, British colonial authorities. With a total population of about half a million people currently, they make up the majority of the population of Rakhine state, but very few of them have the citizenship of Myanmar.

The official authorities and the Buddhist population consider the Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The conflict between them and the indigenous «Arkanchi» Buddhists deep roots, but the escalation of this conflict to the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis began only after the transfer of power in Myanmar from military to civilian governments in 2011-2012.