Alexandrinsky theatre shared plans for the new season

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«Alexandrinka» enters the 262-th theatre season. This day, August 30 tradition began early in the morning with the ceremony of laying wreaths of white and scarlet roses on the graves of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, who founded the theatre, and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, in whose honor was named the theatre with the opening of the Imperial stage, built 185 years ago and recognized as an architectural masterpiece of the classical period.

At 11 o’clock was held a cast and 16.00 — press conference, at which the Directors of the theatre told about the plans for the season and about the program of the international festival «Alexandrinsky» opens the season.


«Alexandrinsky», which became in ten years one of the reputable international festivals, will be held from 1 to 24 September. Open the forum play the Lithuanian national drama theatre «heroes Square» on the last play of the classic of German literature Thomas Bernhard staged by famous Polish Director Christian lupa’s.

«Alexandrinka» will present a private premiere of the play directed by Victor Ryzhakova «Optimistic tragedy. Farewell ball». Genre — the revolutionary concert based on the play by Vsevolod Vishnevsky.

At the end of September for the first time the St. Petersburg audience will see the play «the last supper» Egyptian troupe from Cairo Temple Independent Theatre Company. Director Ahmed El Attar was staged in the genre of satirical Comedy.

New scene on September 22 will show «Midnight», which is the experience of visualization of piano and vocal music of Mozart. The creators of an unusual setting — a young German Director Tilman Hecker, choreographer linsey Basinger and composer Arno Kraehahn.

From 10 to 16 September on the New stage «of the theater» Moscow theatre «Practice» will present four performances of his repertoire: «Chapaev and Emptiness», «cavalry», «Peter and Fevronia of Murom» and «Black & Simpson».

The season premiere

Among the anticipated premieres of the season — the play directed by Valery Fokin on the play Tatyana Rakhmanova «Svejk. Return» play «Krum» by French Director Jean Bellorini and staging of the young Director Anton Okoneshnikovo «no Sun» for the futuristic Opera «Victory over the sun». The main theater Director Nikolai Roshchin will begin work on the play «Cyrano de Bergerac» by Rostand.

In the new season scheduled tours «Alexandrinka» with the performance «Zero Liturgy» in London. But in the beginning directed by Valery Fokin «Masquerade. Memory of the future» at the Lermontov’s drama and Director will be presented at the historic stage of the Bolshoi theatre on 9 and 10 September.