Ambassador: Moscow and Warsaw can cooperate in economy and politics

© Photo : Leonid Sviridovas Russia in Poland Sergey Andreev. Archive photoAmbassador: Moscow and Warsaw can cooperate in economy and politics© Photo : Leonid Sviridov

Warsaw and Moscow could cooperate on economic and cultural issues, as well as in the political sphere, said Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev.

In an interview to the Internet portal, which is published on the website of the Russian diplomatic mission, Andreev expressed the opinion that Polish-Russian relations can improve.

«If only the Polish side will have the political will. Between our countries there are no problems that we couldn’t overcome. The Polish side, however, links the normalization of our relations with a number of conditions that Polish-Russian relations are not directly related, – Ukraine, sanctions and so forth,» he said.

The Ambassador stressed that the political dialogue between the countries is currently hampered by historical issues from the Polish side. Thus, according to him, the common Polish-Russian interests exist. «Of course. Issues of economic and cultural cooperation, and in the political sphere, there are issues on which we could collaborate – it would be a desire,» — said Andreev.