Died violinist Dmitri Kogan

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in photobacteria Dmitry Kogan. Archival photoDied violinist Dmitri Kogan© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Honored artist of Russia, violinist Dmitry Kogan died in Moscow at the age of 38 years.

Relatives of the musician told RIA Novosti that the cause of death was severe disease. The funeral will be held on Saturday, September 2. Farewell to violinist will take place in the hall of columns.

Dmitri Kogan was born October 27, 1978 in Moscow into a family of musicians. His grandfather was a famous violinist Leonid Kogan, she was a violinist and teacher Elizabeth Gilels, father of conductor Pavel Kogan, the mother — pianist Love Kazinskogo.

In six years, Cohen began studying the violin at the Central music school at the Moscow state Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky. At ten years old he performed with a Symphony orchestra, a 15 — orchestra in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory. In 1997 he made his debut in the UK and the USA.

Dmitri Kogan regularly participated in prestigious festivals around the world, performed in the concert halls of Europe, Asia, America, Australia, middle East, CIS countries and Baltic States. He was one of the few violinists performing the whole cycle of 24 caprices by Niccolo Paganini.

The musician is actively engaged in social and philanthropic activities, became one of the founders of the Fund of support of unique cultural projects the Cogan. In 2009, Cohen was the first representatives of his profession gave a concert for polar explorers at the North pole, he also performed charity concerts in Beslan and after the earthquake in Nevelsk. In 2010 he was awarded the title of honored artist of Russia.

Dmitri Kogan «was a magnificent conductor and violinist with a million projects,» he wanted to make, said to RIA Novosti, the pianist Yuri Rozum.

«Just a few days before I found out about his disease, we met him on the anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova, where he made a grandiose project — music of a lifetime Tereshkova, shown in the photographs,» he said.

«Left a young very talented musician and wonderful person… This is a very bitter news,» commented the musician Igor Butman.

The death of the famous Russian violinist Dmitry Kogan was a tragedy for the music world, noted violinist Dmitri Sitkovetsky.

«Dmitry is the third generation of a famous family of Cohen. He was part of a great musical dynasty. It was an already established musician, which had its own audience, its fans. A very great sorrow, I Express my deepest condolences to his family and friends,» said Sitkovetsky.