Gryzlov: Russia does not need to follow someone else’s strategy development

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobabbles Gryzlov. Archival photoGryzlov: Russia does not need to follow someone else’s strategy development© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

Russia to build strategies for the long-term development is impossible to set goals to fit into someone else’s system; projects that built a foreign country, experiencing a crisis, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of «United Russia» Boris Gryzlov.

As previously reported by RIA Novosti member of the Supreme Council of the EP Yuri Shuvalov, reports pariah on the strategy of Russia’s development in the medium and long term prospects are at an advanced stage, the decision will be taken in early October at the meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the party. The report will be ready by October-November and will be submitted to the Chairman of «United Russia», Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The development of the document involved three working groups of the Supreme Council. It is planned to present the document to the President of the country Vladimir Putin.

«The main question of the moment is the strategic goal the long-term development. And here it is impossible to make a mistake. First of all, it is impossible to set goals to fit into someone else’s system, by someone else’s rules. We see that the plans and projects that build our foreign opponents in crisis. It showed the global financial turmoil, it showed the results of several referenda and elections in the leading countries of the West. This is also evidenced by the overall growth of international tension», — the press service quoted Gryzlov his words.

On Wednesday, Gryzlov has held meeting on issues of formation of the party proposals to the country’s development strategy, the development of which involved the party.

With regard to the reports which will be generated final document, the participants noted that one of the priorities is the strengthening of relations with the political forces actively developing countries in the greater Eurasia.

«The States that move to a new, more dynamic stage of development, there is a deep interest in the economic and technological cooperation with our country. Serious interest and to parliamentary and party experience of Russia. This requires appropriate actions from our party, including the establishment of new areas for cooperation», – said Gryzlov.

The meeting also noted that requires special attention and the development of inter-party relations in the CIS space, preservation of historical and cultural ties.

«The meeting participants also noted the importance of forming with the ruling parties of the European countries in dialogue aimed at the preservation and development of economic relations and normalization of political interaction. The need was stressed to move to postcyclone stage of relations between Russia and EU countries», — said the press service.

Gryzlov added that in October there will be a meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council, devoted to discussion of the reports. «But the work is not over. Moreover, the debate on strategy will continue. We need to accompany the further implementation of the proposals. You should think about how best to organize this work,» — said Gryzlov.