«I will Wake fast and expensive» who is at war with the ROC for the market of funeral services

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotosensibilizatora exhibition of funeral services. Archival photo«I will Wake fast and expensive» who is at war with the ROC for the market of funeral services© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photovacation of Skripunov

«You, father, not snickering and insolent, that’s what I want to tell you…» — turns to a priest, one of the parishioners.

On the question of what caused such a violent reaction, he explained that he was present at the funeral in a morgue in front of the temple. Despite the fact that for the ceremony the relatives paid a «priest» for ten minutes, something indifferent vague sang and waved his hand: «Close the casket».

Of such cases across the country thousands in almost every region. About the illegal business of «funeral» and how not to fall for them hook, — in the material RIA Novosti.

The prices for the funeral service at the morgue, according to the number of funeral agencies in Moscow and regions, significantly higher than the ritual in the temple. So, in the capital, with singers in the temple you can meet in two thousand rubles, and in the morgue and the crematorium it will cost about four thousand (of course, prices vary everywhere).

The big story happened a few years ago in St. Petersburg. The local police opened an entire «gang in robes», which was performed the funeral service in the chapel at the Elisabeth hospital. According to militiamen, the participants were represented by priests of the Moscow Patriarchate. Although it is actually the chapel belongs to the religious organization «the Russian Apostolic Orthodox Church», which is in the diocese of St. Petersburg called «schismatic».

«Otpevali», according to police, monthly rescued more than half a million rubles. Total revenue amounted to over 40 million.

«Across the street, at the morgue, the gang of businessmen who commit illegal and neblagodatnym funeral. Unfortunately, not only in our morgue, but in many others across the country. So, you know, additional business administration. Arrange on «their» territory the chapel and go,» says Archpriest Konstantin Parkhomenko, rector of the Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg.
In addition, for many years the abbots of the Orthodox churches declare this profanation with a funeral service, which is due to funeral firms. For example, those advised not to bring the dead to the temple and purchase the funerary utensil (blankets, candles, icons) and in the temple, where all these things are sanctified.

A real war unleashed a few years ago in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The local diocese complained a regional leader in this sphere of business because of leaflets and billboards advertising «services funeral». Comic situation added that some of them coexisted with posters adorned with the slogan «Tune in.».

«The advertised company reading of the Psalter for the dead and funeral service are funeral services. Reading the Psalms is prayer. Many invite the reader and go. But the deceased needed is a General prayer for his family. As concerns the burial service, it is a special religious rite, and it should be performed in the temple,» explained the Nizhny Novgorod priest Alexei Beletsky.

In the end, the advertising Council at the chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI) of the region encouraged the local media to stop advertising the funeral. In addition, representatives of the CCI found that the company set the price for the ceremony significantly overstated.

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photobacteria in the temple «I will Wake fast and expensive» who is at war with the ROC for the market of funeral services© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photobacteria in the temple
How to expose

Such problems in the Church decide in different ways. In some temples you can see signs warning about «otpevala». In addition, in the Orthodox environment, there are «instructions» by their exposure.

«Check that the priest can ask him some questions on conducting Orthodox services. Impostors are almost always a funeral is something wrong hold, so the answers to these questions, they just don’t know,» suggest one of the Orthodox forums.

For example, you can ask the priest the question: «During the Liturgy which particles are removed from the second communion bread?» (Correct answer: «one particle is Removed in honor of the Mother of God»). Or you can ask to continue the phrase «Noble Joseph…». If the answer you will hear: «… from the tree chem most pure Body of Yours», so it’s «samosvyat».

«Do not fall for this hook, tell the others. It is very sad that many of the people who think they are read the burial service, in fact, not are read the burial service,» warns the priest Konstantin Parkhomenko.