Kosachev compared the security Service of Ukraine with the «Right sector*» and IG*

© Photo : RIA Novosti Ukraine/ Stringtable on the building of the security Service of Ukraine in Kiev. Archive photoKosachev compared the security Service of Ukraine with the «Right sector*» and IG*© Photo : RIA Novosti Ukraine/ stringer

Methods activities of the security Service of Ukraine should be considered prohibited in Russia organizations «Right sector*» and «Islamic state*,» says the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

On Wednesday there appeared information that the journalist of the First channel Anna Kurbatov grabbed in Kiev unknown, was put in the car and drove away. As reported later in the channel, the correspondent could detain employees of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU), earlier in her address received threats. A press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya wrote in Facebook that Kurbatova will be forcibly returned to Russia, now comes the paperwork for her deportation.

«Methods of work of the security service — as they say, no one is hiding a journalist, a woman and a representative of a peaceful profession just kidnapped in broad daylight and not immediately informed of her whereabouts becoming more odious, and most importantly, the effort leaves no doubt to suppress everything that does not go with the official version of events», — said Kosachev to journalists on Thursday.

«I think you already have reason to recognize this organization forbidden in Russia by analogy with the «Right sector*» or «Islamic state*» — methods and consequences of their actions more and more similar», — he stressed.

And the cases «should be subject to thorough investigations in the Office of the OSCE representative on freedom of the media», said the Senator.

«Without a shout of European institutions, Kiev is not exactly stop – human rights, including the rights of journalists, there are only fiery speeches of Ukrainian politicians towards the Western partners, demanding new money for the exemplary embodiment of the «European values», he concluded.

Kosachev noted that the arrest and expulsion of the journalist of one of the leading Russian channels – a blatant and extreme case, if only it was not about Ukraine. «Alas, for the current neighboring States heading «Europe,» such a practice is the norm,» he said.

«Just more of the same, the SBU has expelled two Spanish journalists «because of their anti-Ukrainian activities in publications». That is the expression of point of view different from the official Ukrainian. And now the same fate befell Russian, and pompous wording from the representative of the SBU in the North Korean style journalism: «it will be with anyone who allows himself to shame Ukraine», — said the politician.

In his opinion, for this reason, it is first necessary to expel from the country those who are engaged in the pursuit of foreign correspondents for their dissent – that the persecution is a disgrace to the country, «trumpeting the victory of democracy after the coup in 2014.» As Frank looks and shame «stukacheskoy» site «Peacemaker», he said.

«Well, what became their own independent journalism in Ukraine for three years, you will not see today, only blind. Or does not want to see. Although foreigners have the «freedom» of Kiev is also not worked. Not everyone wants to celebrate «the glorious footsteps of the Ukrainian democracy» under the dictation of the SBU,» — said Kosachev.

Embassy of Ukraine earlier appealed to the French TV channel with insistent recommendation to remove from the air a film-investigation about the Maidan and Odessa tragedies, recalled the Senator. «But the French did not appreciate the humor and showed the film three times», — concluded the MP.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia