LUKOIL will continue cooperation with «FC Opening»

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LUKOIL sees no risks to the company due to a reorganization «FC Opening» and will continue cooperation with the Bank, according to a press release from the oil company.

«I am confident that the cooperation of the Bank of Russia will allow the Bank «Opening» to work steadily. With the support of «LUKOIL» sees risks for the company and for our employees who are holders of salary cards of the Bank «Opening», – quotes the words of the President of «LUKOIL» Vagit Alekperov.

The press release also notes that «LUKOIL» is one of the largest clients of the Bank «Opening» and is planning to continue cooperation. LUKOIL expresses its appreciation to the Bank of Russia, which adopted the decision to support the financial stability of the Bank «Opening» and endorses the actions of management of «Opening» to stabilize the situation», — stated in the message.

RF Central Bank on Tuesday announced measures to rescue the Bank «FC Opening», until recently included in the top 6 largest in Russia, and after the outbreak in June, a sharp outflow of customers ‘ funds sank to eighth place. This will be the first rehabilitation using a new mechanism — the Bank of Russia, investing established in the year of the Foundation of the consolidation of the banking sector will become the main shareholder of «FC Opening».