Malaysia will not be arbitrarily issuing of ID cards to refugees from Myanmar

© AP Photo / Daniel Carmalize. Archival photoMalaysia will not be arbitrarily issuing of ID cards to refugees from Myanmar© AP Photo / Daniel Chan

Malaysia will not be arbitrarily issuing refugee identity cards to ethnic Bengalis-the Muslims of Rohingya from Myanmar, the newspaper the Star, citing Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Rohingya is an ethnic Bengali Muslims illegally migrated from the state of Arakan in Myanmar to Malaysia and Indonesia in the Andaman sea into wooden boats in search of a better life and fleeing from aggravated in recent years conflict with Myanmar Buddhists. In Myanmar they are not given citizenship, and I think the residents of neighbouring Bangladesh.

According to the newspaper, Hamidi stated that this measure is taken in order to avoid a large influx of refugees-Rohingya people from Myanmar, from where they fled due to clashes on ethnic grounds. He noted that the decision to refuse refugee identity cards were taken in conjunction with the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees.

«Our priority is our people and their well-being. It is not that we are not humane. I believe that the international community should show concern to the plight of the Rohingya,» said Hamidi.

«I hope that this issue will be given serious consideration. Because of the religious differences should not be double standards. Do not make this humanitarian issue religious and political,» said Hamidi.

In 2015, Thailand and neighbouring countries are faced with a humanitarian disaster of refugees from the ethnic Rohingya (ethnic Bengalis of Myanmar), several thousand of which as a result of damming by the police of Thailand and neighboring countries by land route of illegal migration from Myanmar to Malaysia and Indonesia were about two months in the open sea in overloaded and not adapted for long sea voyages fishing vessels. The resolution of the crisis demanded the collaboration of Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as assistance from other States.