New TV season: Malakhov on «Russia 1», NTV Oleshko, «Teacher» and more

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobabble the First channel on the building of the Ostankino television center. Archival photoNew TV season: Malakhov on «Russia 1», NTV Oleshko, «Teacher» and more© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The new TV season this fall, rich in sensations and Prime Ministers: Andrey Malakhov switched from channel «Russia 1» Alexander Oleshko will act as host of a show on NTV, and Yulia Menshova along with Maxim Galkin can be leading Tonight. Also viewers are waiting for projects «Over all» and «Success,» the Russian adaptation of «Dr. house», the TV series «the Fugitive» with Ivan Okhlobystin and the new season of «Teacher».

Over all

One of the main sensations of this season was the departure from the First channel TV presenter Andrey Malakhov. He was on the channel of the program «Let them talk» and «Tonight.» Since mid-August, the program «Let them talk» is Dmitry Borisov. Host of «Tonight» is not yet defined, but the source RIA Novosti reported that his role claim, actress Yulia Menshova, a program which «Alone with all» decided to close, and humorist Maxim Galkin.

Another surprise was the closure of the program with Timur Kazakovym «While all houses», which was published on the First since 1992 — with a new season on the channel will be gone.

In September, viewers of the First channel is waiting for a new season of popular musical show «the Voice.» The chairs of coaches at this time the «gold membership» — Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Dima Bilan.

Also, the channel will launch a new project «all Over!», heroes of which will be «young in spirit» extraordinary gymnasts, chefs, actors, singers, makeup artists, athletes, dancers, and maybe even turners and travelers age 55+. «Grandparents, whose stories remind us that age is a priceless wealth, which only helps to live», — said in the announcement of the talent show.

Will be broadcast and the new season of project on the most talented children in the country — «the best!». After the summer holidays back program «Fashion verdict» and «Evening Urgant».

The season will be rich and the premieres of the series films – so the channel will show the series «the Trotsky» with Konstantin Khabensky, the new season of «Posh», TV movies «the Commissar», «Svetlana», the historical TV series «the Golden Horde», the detective melodrama «the Hotel «Russia» and many others.

Malakhov Live

The main premiere of the TV channel «Russia 1» in the new season was starting the «Andrey Malakhov. Live». That will change in a talk show with the arrival of Malakhov, on the channel so far kept secret, but note that the history and investigations that have become the hallmark of the program, «not going anywhere».

From September 3 to broadcast the new season of the show «Amazing people» about ordinary people with unique abilities. This time, the organizers, the project is moving to a new international level: in addition to participants from Russia and CIS viewers will meet amazing people of all ages from around the world.

In the first September weekend in the net and return information projects of the channel «Vesti Nedeli» with Dmitry Kiselev and «Vesti on Saturday» with Sergei Brilev.

Soon, add on channel will begin shooting a new season of children’s contest «Blue bird», leading still will make Daria Zlatopolskaya.

Also in the new season of the audience «Russia 1» will find numerous cinema and series premieres, including, in particular, the series of Vladimir Khotinenko’s «Demon of the revolution», the first official adaptation of the cult American TV series «house MD» — «Dr. Richter» series «Black blood» and the continuation of the famous detective series «Secrets of investigation».

The grid will remain a «business card» of the channel, among which, in particular, the information program «Today», the program «Central television», «the End of the week» with Irada Zeynalova, author of the project «Pozdnyakov», as well as programmes on lifestyle, through which NTV is the leader among the other channels at weekends in morning and afternoon time. This «Housing problem» and «summer response», «First transmission», «Main road», «Miracle of technology», «let’s Go to eat! John Warren» and many others.

The new TV season, NTV will be rich and a new series. Will be broadcast the TV series «the Actress», the script for which he wrote Margarita Simonyan, and directed by Tigran Keosayan, starring Katherine Spitz; «ordeal» based on the novel by Alexei Tolstoy’s the 100th anniversary of the October revolution, Yulia Snigir and Anna Chipovskaya, «On the other side of death» (starring Sergey Garmash Svetlana Khodchenkova), «the Bridge» (Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Mikhail Porechenkov), «countdown» (Yuri Kolokolnikov), «Schubert» by Alexey Vorobyov, «Winners» Nikita Panfilov, «Execute not pardon» Maria Kozhevnikova, «Dekabristy» Svetlana Ivanova «Elusive» with Oksana Vander, as well as «Anniversary counter» with Vladimir Mashkov and many others.

Television show and new seasons of the series popular TV series «Streets of broken lamps», «COP war», «Mukhtar. New trace», «Nevskiy», «Sea devils» and others.

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in fotomancer and TV presenter Alexander OleshkoNew TV season: Malakhov on «Russia 1», NTV Oleshko, «Teacher» and more© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in fotomancer and TV presenter Alexander Oleshko
Domestic and international detectives

Spectators of TV channel «TV Center» in the new season waiting for «the British-Swedish flavor, the lady-detective Lyudmila Chursina and intelligent dissertation of Valeriy Meladze,» said the channel.

So, the screen will return the renowned detective John Barnaby in the fall, will premiere the 18th and 19th seasons of the series «Purely English murder». Also the tradition of English detective stories on «TV the Center» will continue and the new British series «Grantchester». Another premiere channel — Swedish detective «Crimes of passion».

Viewers of the channel are expected not only foreign detectives in September will start showing a new domestic feature films and TV series. At the TV Center «is a worthy answer to miss Marple and miss Fisher elegant lady detective Ekaterina Vlasova performed by Lyudmila on the roof» in the loop «Purely Moscow murder».

In addition, every Friday, the channel will present a new two-part film: «Education and dogs and men,» «Twelve miracles», «the Brave wife», «confessions of an inaccessible beauty», «Love you anyway» and others. The viewers will enjoy the four episodes and projects, in particular, detective Tatiana Ustinova – «somewhere on the edge of the world» and «Expect the unexpected» and the sequel «My favorite mother-in-law, All for the better.»

On the air since the end of August began to leave the new editions of the talk show «Right to vote» from Studio updated and will be back soon and the «Right to know» and «Red project.» Also the viewers will enjoy the new program from the series «My hero», «Without fraud», «defense», «Beware crooks!», «Farewell», «the Chronicles of Moscow life», «the 10 most…», the premiere issues of «Natural selection» and «the Shelter of comedians» and other projects.

© Fotolia / DemianНабор detective New TV season: Malakhov on «Russia 1», NTV Oleshko, «Teacher» and more© Fotolia / DemianНабор detective
A New «Success»

STS is preparing to launch a large-scale vocal show «Success», similar to the American TV show American Idol. Already in the first release viewers along with their three star mentors will choose four singers who will receive all the tools to conquer the show business on their own. «They are waiting for nationwide fame, lives in a luxurious house and money to create albums and videos, but they can lose at any time. After all, every week no less vivid and talented artists will do anything to reset the new stars of musical Olympus, and take their place» — note the creators of the show.

Also, viewers of the channel waiting for a new series «Ivanov-Ivanov» on the namesakes, who learned that their children were switched at birth, and the return of the series «Junior. Adult life» with new characters, a new hockey League, new adventures and new romances.

The broadcast will also be the first Comedy series about space «Team B». Conquer the Universe in the new project will among others, Vladimir Yaglych, Mikhail Efremov, Nastasya Samburski and Oskar Kuchera. Their heroes are waiting for «a serious test in weightlessness, flying fighter planes, rotation in the centrifuge, and even a meeting with aliens».

Another premiere — serial dramedy «Psichologine» three experts in skirts, who themselves need help.

© Photo : courtesy of the press service STSW this season STS have made on the Junior basic rateNew TV season: Malakhov on «Russia 1», NTV Oleshko, «Teacher» and more© Photo : courtesy of the press service STSW this season STS have made on the Junior basic rate
Updated the Comedy Club and the gym Teacher

TNT made a bid on Thursday on the air already started to come out of the Comedy-musical show «Studio UNION» in which the guests of «immersed in the world of sophisticated Russian variety». Immediately afterwards, the new editions of the popular project «Improvisation».

Also since the end of August earned a «Open MIC» — according to the creators of the project, it is not just a talent show, «and a real social Elevator that raises new heroes of Comedy stand-height». Under the terms, the winner of the season is the new permanent comic show Stand Up.

Broadcast already started the fourth season of the show «DANCING». New sets, new graphics, to show there is a new coach instead of Yegor Druzhinin, who left the show at the end of last season, recruit your team will be choreographer Tatiana Denisova.

The creators presented the Comedy Woman on TNT their new Comedy project — Love is. This is five different stories about five completely different from each other women. The project involves actress Natalia Eprikyan, Yekaterina Varnava, Marina Fedunkiv, Maria Kravchenko, Tatyana Morozova.

To unravel the most intricate mystery stories try the new releases of the program «Psychics lead the investigation. Battle of the fittest.» In addition, at the end of September start of the eighteenth season of «the Battle of psychics.»

Viewers of TNT waiting for the new releases show «Where is the logic?», «Once in Russia», Stand Up and Comedy Club, the producers promise a «revolutionary change» and the return of the series «Olga» and the new season of the Comedy «the Teacher».

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of Comedy ClubПавел Will performs on stage Comedy ClubNew TV season: Malakhov on «Russia 1», NTV Oleshko, «Teacher» and more© Photo : courtesy of the press service of Comedy ClubПавел Will performs on stage Comedy Club

REN TV in a new season has prepared the premiere of new episodes of the program «Mysteries of mankind» with the traveler and religious scholar Oleg Shishkin. The audience for journey to places not on the map, the puzzles of dangerous relics and mysterious prophecies.

Also shown will be a new documentary special on Fridays — the first one is «Possessed: the evidence of the devil» and «the truth about real witches». Live will be a new release of the software is «Ministry of transport», dedicated to all types of transport and how to use them, «Repair fair» and «The useful program» about healthy lifestyles.

Also this year REN TV show Comedy series «the Fugitive» with Ivan Okhlobystin in the role of a conman and a funny guy Misha.

The broadcast will continue to do projects «Mysteries Chapman», «Most shocking» hypothesis, «Led in Russian», «Watch everything!», «Territory of delusions», «Secret lists».

© Photo : courtesy of REN Telekanal REN TV in the new corporate styleNew TV season: Malakhov on «Russia 1», NTV Oleshko, «Teacher» and more© Photo : courtesy of REN Telekanal REN TV in the new corporate style