On Kolguyev island was taken by helicopter a dozen sled reindeer

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Satellitedata in fotobanka reindeer in the Kamchatka region. Archival photoOn Kolguyev island was taken by helicopter a dozen sled reindeer© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Satellitedata the image Bank

The helicopter in the Nenets Autonomous district were taken to the island of Kolguev 12 sled reindeer, which will help the local herders to spend the miscalculation of the herd, which had declined over the past few years hundreds of times, told RIA Novosti the Governor of district Igor Koshin.

Recovery program of reindeer husbandry on Kolguev was launched at the initiative of the district chief two years ago. At the same time on the island was imported the first batch of bulls. After a couple of calving, according to experts, on the Kolguev was born about 200 calves, but by a miscalculation of the herd will be held this fall. It is constrained by the specifics of the island of many hills and canyons at a great distance from each other.

«The recovery of the herd — a lengthy and laborious process, but we have positive experience in malozemel’skaya tundra, where for 10 years with government support herders managed to raise a flock of from 500 to 10-12 thousand heads,» said Koshin. In his opinion, need a lot of time, effort, patience and experience of the herders, that the island was alive again.

According to the representative of the family clan «Salda» Yegor Vernicia on the island today, 8 people, ready to engage in reindeer husbandry. To purchase sled bulls, the community received a district grant in the amount of 285 thousand rubles.

«The government of the district subsidizes dear life on the island: food, electricity, tickets. Due to this, the municipality is living by the same laws and regulations as any settlement of the Moscow region or in the neighboring Arkhangelsk region», — said the Governor. He stressed that it is important for islanders to be engaged in industrial activities, create a useful product. «Today, all in the hands of the herders, and we will support», — said the head of the region.

In the Soviet years the nomads of the tundra were forced into settlement. Herders were United in collective farms, children were sent to study in boarding school. For the Arctic island of Kolguev such concern turned into a tragedy. Deprived of succession and successors herders gradually lost sheep, the case began in 2012. Of the 16 thousand cattle on the island remained 200-300 deer. Today the authorities have to find a balance between the aboriginal way of life of nomads and modern standards of living.