«Rosgosstrakh» hopes for a speedy overcoming of the crisis in insurance

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva photobacteria in the company Rosgosstrakh. Archival photo«Rosgosstrakh» hopes for a speedy overcoming of the crisis in insurance© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

«Rosgosstrakh» with enthusiasm have apprehended the decision of the CBR on the Bank «FC Opening» and hopes that it will help insurance companies to overcome the crisis in the CTP segment, commentary chief Executive officer of PJSC IC «Rosgosstrakh» Nikolaus fry to RIA Novosti.

RF Central Bank on Tuesday announced measures to rescue the Bank «FC Opening», until recently included in the top 6 largest in Russia, and after the outbreak in June, a sharp outflow of customers ‘ funds sank to eighth place. The Bank of Russia, investing established in the year of the Foundation of the consolidation of the banking sector will become the main shareholder of «FC Opening». Promised the Central Bank to support the performance of financial institutions and specialized services, within the group the Bank is the insurance company «Rosgosstrakh», the Bank «trust» and «Rosgosstrakh Bank», NPF «LUKOIL-Garant», «NPF of electric power industry» and «NPF «RGS», «Opening Broker» and projects a «Point» and Rocketbank.

«This is great news for all the employees and insurance agents «Rosgosstrakh» our customers and partners. With the support of the Bank of Russia, we will be able to quickly overcome the crisis in the CTP segment and today focus on priority task — increasing the quality of service to our clients,» said fry.

According to fry, the management of the company «Rosgosstrakh» appreciates the support provided by the Bank of Russia’s largest domestic insurer.

«This provides the highest financial stability and reliability of the company and allows to carry out smooth and uninterrupted services to all our clients on a high quality level in all areas of the country,» he concluded.