Roskosmos and the Ministry of education to train personnel for the space industry

© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiye in fotomontaggi of the state Corporation Roscosmos. Archival photoRoskosmos and the Ministry of education to train personnel for the space industry© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiyi the image Bank

The agreement on cooperation in the field of personnel training for enterprises of the space industry between the state Corporation «Rosatom» and the Ministry of education signed at the walls of Moscow state technical University, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The document was signed by General Director of Roscosmos Igor Komarov and the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva.

Vasiliev noted the importance of the space sector in modern Russia and said that the number of budget places in universities on a space specialties will gradually increase.

«From year to year we are increasing and will increase the budget figures of admission on a space a specialty, from next year they will be more 7%,» — said the Minister.

Komarov noted the growing attention to the enterprises of rocket-space industry of the state. «We see increasing demand, professional standards for those who work in the aerospace industry. And for us, of course, it is important that educational standards moved and developed for the professional requirements to the employees,» he said.