Russian spacecraft photographed the movement of the hurricane «Harvey»

© NASAСнимок from the ISS of hurricane Harvey off the coast of Texas, USA. 25 August 2017Russian spacecraft photographed the movement of the hurricane «Harvey»© NASA

Russian spacecraft «meteor-M» №2 took pictures of the movement of the hurricane «Harvey» from 24 to 29 August, reported in the microblog of the Russian space Agency on Twitter.

Spacecraft «meteor-M» №2 took a few pictures showing the advance of the storm #Harvey from 24 to 29 August 2017

— ROSCOSMOS (@roscosmos) 30 Aug 2017

At least 30 people died in the flooding in Texas caused by the storm «Harvey». More than 13 thousand people were saved. Up to 20 thousand people remain in shelters after their homes flooded. Water continues to arrive in some areas of Texas, especially in Houston.

To tropical storms remains increased attention after the hurricane «Harvey», then turned into a storm brought a record amount of rain on Texas and Louisiana. The floods killed at least 30 people, at least 20 thousand were evacuated.