Sobyanin discussed the further development of the project «electronic school»

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in fotomancer of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Archival photoSobyanin discussed the further development of the project «electronic school»© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin on the eve of Day of knowledge discussed with representatives of educational sphere of topical issues regarding the further implementation of the project «electronic Moscow school». As noted by roundtable participants, the project aims to create a single electronic educational environment, to radically change the educational process, make it interesting and dynamic. For this purpose, in particular, to involve students in the creation of technical base of the project and integrate the system with various gadgets.

The discussion was attended by the head of the Moscow Department of education Isaak Kalina, head of the Department of information technology Artem Ermolaev, Chairman of the Commission on education of the Moscow city Duma Anton Molev, students, teachers and principals.

«We’re going to talk about further development of «e-school». Moscow is moving in different directions at the introduction of «smart» technology, it is concerned with the management of transport, utilities, and public services. Any area of our lives in one way or another in contact with «smart» technology, and education, of course, is no exception. Since 2012 we began to actively implement technology in education», — said Sobyanin.

According to the mayor, the main issue faced by experts when creating the project «electronic Moscow school», was the development of training scenarios. «Initially, we followed the standard route, we decided that they themselves will develop this content, hire experts who will sit in a closed room and will create something that will be seen by the whole educational system. Unfortunately, I have to admit — it’s a dead end road. We have created 1.5 thousand of such tools, scripts, lessons that were not required by the schools,» — said Sobyanin.

After that, continued the mayor, it was decided to give teachers the opportunity to develop training scenarios. «In a short time we received 48 thousand scenarios, of which 8 thousand moderated and are already freely available», he added.

«A very serious problem, when I, for example, has allocated for independent work for 5 minutes, after this time the student begins to «bargain», «conicity» additional minutes. With the introduction of «e-school» tests are resolved on the tablets, the student sees how long he’s got time on task, learning time management,» said the teacher of physics of school №498 Andrey Belyshev.

According to the Director of school No. 2095 Novokreschenov Elijah, with their lessons became more interesting and more dynamic, and schools are faster to depart from the principle of «talking head». This allows the students to master the course material and the teachers to optimize their work and effectively organize the educational process. However, the expert believes that the platform project needs constant upgrades. In particular, one of the solutions he sees the integration of the project with different gadgets, which is used by students.

«The first e-school should become closer to the child, should be integration with other gadgets. Second, you need to create a great involvement in the game: during the game, the child leaves a «digital footprint», which we can then analyze», — he explained.

Student, national research UNIVERSITY «Higher school of Economics» Maxim Nemkovich proposed to allow to deal with the technical development of the project not only to specialists of the Department of information technology, but also pupils and students. «We need to be involved in the creation of such projects. This creates competition between students, resulting in a work project that was really looking forward to. These skills will add to our portfolio and will continue to work», — said the student.