«Studio of theatrical art» opens new season

© Photo : Studio Theatre Iskusstvenno from the play Moscow-Petushki. Archive photo«Studio of theatrical art» opens new season© Photo : the Theater Art Studio

«Studio of theatrical art» (STI) under the guidance of renowned Director and teacher Sergei Zhenovach 14 September will open the new season – the first full-fledged status of the Federal theatre – performance «the Master and Margarita» by Bulgakov, and later the audience for dramatizations of the works of Chekhov and Dovlatov, said Wednesday at a traditional gathering of troupe.

Federal status

Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky came to the theater for the cast to congratulate the team at the start of the new season.

«The budget is STI this season is Federal funds plus the presidential grants will amount to 132 million rubles,» — he said.

The Deputy Minister also announced the award of people’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of the theater Sergey Zhenovach high award — the order «For merits before Fatherland» IV degree.


In this, already 13th in a row, the season, the troupe has replenished with 11 graduates of GITIS students Zhenovach. Each of them greeted and either a bottle of cider (boys) or flowers (girls). Also, by tradition, congratulated all who have birthday fell on the holidays: birthdays received a volume of Pushkin and Dovlatov.

The gift was «value». The fact that the first great work of STI this season will be a «Reserve» on the novel by Sergei Dovlatov.


«Afoot play by two authors. It will be a theatrical song composed by Dovlatov novel and Pushkin’s poems. In the center is the main character, Leningrad intellectual Boris Alikhanov, who gets a job at the Pushkin Museum in Mikhailovskoye. Alikhanov is a type of Brodsky and Dovlatov himself,» — told RIA Novosti the Zhenovach.

According to him, «here the conversation of what country? what are the changes? whether to stay or time to go abroad?»

«It’s about the relationship with life, with power, with the woman, with kids and all this through Pushkin, through poetry. Thoughts of two geniuses, two great writers resonate», — he explained.

The Director said that he and artist Alexander Borovsky was already «Dovlatov» — visited his Museum, which is next to the Mikhailovsky. And soon will be going in with the artists.

«It’s a small private Museum, which exists by force of these fanatics, lovers of creativity of Dovlatov. Guides are local enthusiasts. This is an amazing place – the house in village close to St Michael’s. We have a lot of ideas on how to save this Museum, which today are the people. Perhaps make it public…» — said the Agency interlocutor.

«Three sisters»

The second work of the season will be the play by Chekhov’s «Three sisters».

«We already have two papers on works by Anton Chekhov — «the Notebook» and «Three years». But the fate of theatre and artist names such as «the Cherry garden» «Three sisters» should be. Without such work the artists do not become artists, and the audience spectators,» the Director said.

According to him, the main thing here is not to argue with the interpretations, but to find something that is near and dear to you: your look, your version.