The construction of a kindergarten in the new neighborhood of Saransk will start in 2018

© Fotolia / santypanРебенок in kindergarten. Archival photoThe construction of a kindergarten in the new neighborhood of Saransk will start in 2018© Fotolia / santypan

Construction of a kindergarten in the new district of Saransk, in the absence of which residents complained of «straight line» the President of the Russian Federation, will start in 2018, has informed on Wednesday to journalists, the acting head of Mordovia Republic Vladimir Volkov.

On Tuesday held a working meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the acting head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov, during which they discussed issues of socio-economic development of the Republic. At the end of the meeting, the President handed Volkov a traditional folder with addresses of inhabitants of Mordovia, received the President of the Russian Federation during the «straight line». According to Putin, «the traditional, however, for some you need to pay special attention.» In particular, the condition of rural roads, lack of social infrastructure in new buildings, including in Saransk: has built a new neighborhood, but there is no kindergarten.

«We are talking about new houses in the street of Bibinou, now there is an active housing construction. For children of the first settlers there were enough seats available in nearby kindergartens. Now, the area began to grow even at a faster pace than planned, so the question I think is quite reasonable. Kindergarten in the street Bibinou master plan provides for preparing project estimates, next year will start the construction», — said Volkov, whose words RIA Novosti quoted his press service.

He stressed that creating a full social infrastructure in the new districts simultaneously with the construction of housing from the regional government priority. «You see, for example, LCD «Jubilee» — in the first district which, together with the houses, was built a modern kindergarten, a large Playground, several children’s playgrounds, a huge shopping center. Now in the second district – along with the housing already built a new school for 1450 seats, a large, modern kindergarten, to finish building the second. There will be a clinic, police Department, shopping centers, good roads, boulevards, playgrounds and sports facilities, all that is needed to the residents. This is our principled position, therefore, residents of new buildings, I assure you, nothing to worry about,» — said the acting head of the region.

Wolves also assured that all appeals relating to the construction of roads in several rural settlements, «will be worked out for each specific request a decision». According to him, the problem is, even because the roadbed tends to break down, wear out, need repair and replacement. Of course, there is in the Republic’s rural localities, where the asphalt is not everywhere, and the roads are bad, said the acting head of the region.

«We are actively working on it, there are good results. Eloquent fact — in this year on the rural roads of Mordovia sent in two times more than usual, and the pace of these we intend to keep … In recent years in the Republic carried out extensive work on construction and maintenance of rural roads,» he said.

Volkov also said that without exception, all requests will be studied in detail. «Again – without exception, all requests will be studied in detail, considered every work will be done, all taken on my personal control … the Residents of Mordovia can be assured that every request will be heard», — said the acting head of the Republic.