The Dove satellites launched on 14 July in the Russian rocket, lost in orbit

© Fotolia / Andrey ArmyagovСпутник. Archival photoThe Dove satellites launched on 14 July in the Russian rocket, lost in orbit© Fotolia / Andrey Armyagov

The coordinates of one of nanosatellites Dove American company Planet Lab, which was launched on 14 July, together with another 72 vehicles still cannot be determined, reported RIA Novosti, the official representative of the company.

«We are still in the process of entering the machines into operation Dove and can not determine the position of one of the 48 satellites. All units involved in the work together and gather telemetry and other information to better understand the situation», — said the representative of Planet Lab.

Earlier the General Director of NPO. Lavochkin (manufacturer of the upper stage «Fregat», which displays July 14 satellites in three different orbits) Sergey Lemeshevsky reported that two satellites could be contacted. On the eve of the Russian company «Dauria aerospace» confirmed that their satellites, MKA-N, N1 and N2 do not respond to signals mission control center (MCC).

Some media have also reported that the student satellite at the Moscow aviation University «spark-MAI-85» also was released on bond, but the University denied this information. According to the representative of MAI, MCC University have held many conversations with nonapparatus.

In addition, crowdfunding Sputnik «Mayak», also launched on 14 July, could not reach their solar sail measuring approximately three by three meters. The developers are trying to understand the reasons for the failure.