The examination confirmed that killed the doctor in Murmansk did not suffer from cancer

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in foobarcontroller police. Archival photoThe examination confirmed that killed the doctor in Murmansk did not suffer from cancer© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

A forensic examination of the body of a man who committed a murder of a doctor of Oncology center in Murmansk in early August and committed suicide, showed that the attacker was not malignant tumors, although he insisted on it, told reporters in the regional SUCK.

Investigators continue investigation of criminal case about resonant murder of the head of the outpatient Department of the Murmansk Oncology center in early August. According to investigators, the morning of August 9, the man born in 1951, being in the building of the Murmansk regional Oncology center, struck the head of the outpatient Department a few strokes brought along a knife — died at the scene. Immediately after the crime the man had committed suicide.

Investigators determined that the assailant had already turned in the medical institutions of Murmansk region, telling of their cancer. «However, repeated examination and diagnostic procedures rule out the presence of specified diseases. In addition, the absence of men of malignant tumors confirmed by results judicial-medical research of a corpse», — reported in the TFR.

To date, investigators of the regional TFR spent a significant amount of work has investigated the identity of the person attacked with a knife at the doctor, established and interrogated eyewitnesses of a crime. Also seized and analyzed medical records and video surveillance in Murmansk Oncology center.

Nevertheless, say the investigators, to speak about the causes of the tragedy will only be possible on the results of a comprehensive, integrated study of all the circumstances of the incident. «In a criminal case scheduled the appointment a posthumous psihologo-psychiatric judicial examination to establish the fact of presence or absence of the attacker’s mental disease, disorder, or other disease state of mentality», — said the Agency. The investigation is still in the active stage, planned a number of activities, the expected results of examinations.