The expert commented on the MAYOR’s plan to increase productivity

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The main investments of the state in stimulating growth of labor productivity should be aimed at improving the skills of workers so that they have the competences for a modern economy, and the formation of a mobile labor market, says a leading researcher at Center for macroeconomic research of the Institute of applied economic research (IPEA), Ranepa Olga Izryadnova.

Previously, «Vedomosti» reported that the Ministry has developed a plan to improve productivity that could be part of the election program of President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, if he’s going to run for this post. According to the newspaper, the price of the program – about 30 billion rubles over four years, the major expenditure planned in the year 2020, and primarily on the employment of staff. Required to program laws should be adopted by March 15, 2018.

«The main direction of the investment should go to improving the qualifications of the person to possess the necessary competences for a modern economy. Therefore, in this respect, even the excerpt that is published, and will be costs,» — said RIA Novosti Izryadnova.

She explained that the main problems of the Russian labor market is its unbalanced economy and training where there is a discrepancy between the level of competence of workers the market demand.

«The labor market must be flexible enough from the point of view of knowledge of modern competences, from the point of view of the ability of the labour movement in the regions, areas and enterprises where there is a shortage of staff, it is with this competence. Because we have a labor market is immobile, very low labor market mobility, and the inadequacy of the economic structure in the spatial section of labor resources also leads to distortions of the labor market», — said the expert.

According to her, the main task will consist not in the fact that each person put on the particular workplace, and to ensure it a suitable level of knowledge and motivation to change their kind of activity.

«We must create conditions so it can find its application not only at the point where it is located, but also in other regions in creating an enabling environment for the labour movement. This is the main work,» she added.

According to her, by 2021 it is already possible to expect any results from the implementation of these plans. During this time, schools will already be prepared new professionals.

«Of course, this is not a revolutionary change, but in any case, a step to the formation. The preconditions will be created to ensure that this has been going on. It just has to be resolved fairly quickly and must agree with the total business, of government, of all», — concluded the expert.