The number of accesses to Moskalkova on landfills has almost doubled in the past year

© RIA Novosti / Grigory Syaitan Moskalkova. Archival photoThe number of accesses to Moskalkova on landfills has almost doubled in the past year© RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoev

A number of citizens regarding the dumping of garbage near residential areas increased almost two times in the past year compared to 2015, said the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova.

The largest number of appeals came from Moscow and Moscow region, as well as from Kaluga, Kirov, Krasnodar regions and Republic of Udmurtia.

«To the Ombudsman last year received almost two times more cases (than in 2015), and this means that people no longer want to tolerate this situation,» — said Moskalkova at the meeting of the presidential Council on civil society development and human rights.

According to Moskalkova, in cases people report that they are forced to live near landfills, which causes discomfort and even health problems. The reason for this is the lack of an established system of recycling.

«Unfortunately, closing those polygons for which there were Commissioner for human rights — and fought successfully — it gave the opposite reaction: these polygons are closed, and the new processing system is not built,» explained the Ombudsman.

She also reported that 31 garbage dump with end-of-life found in the Ivanovo region, and in Maloyaroslavsky district, Kaluga region under the waste recycling allocated agricultural land.

«This is the highest cynicism in relation to nature and to agriculture, and to the state and to human rights,» — said Moskalkova. She noted that holding the situation in these regions under control.