The system of education in Ivanovo region ready for the new school year

© Fotolia / Davizro PhotographyСловари. Archival photoThe system of education in Ivanovo region ready for the new school year© Fotolia / Davizro Photography

All 882 educational organizations of the Ivanovo region has successfully passed the test acceptance commissions on the subject of readiness for the new academic year, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the regional government.

«The first of September in 822 educational institutions of the Ivanovo region began training more than 167 thousand people, including more than 10.5 thousand first-graders. To prepare for the new school year from the budgets of all levels aimed 416,2 million rubles,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He added that in preparation for the new school year, 26 schools, a major overhaul of rooms, in 39 schools purchased and installed new equipment for canteens, in 16 schools — new equipment for medical offices. In all educational institutions of the Ivanovo region provided the necessary conditions for anti-terrorist and fire safety.

In the Ivanovo region there are no schools operating in three shifts. However, the share of children enrolled in the second shift, is 8.8%. «In 2017, the region will build new school buildings in two towns. For these purposes in the regional budget in 2017, provided 130 million rubles, in 2018 — 616,2 million rubles», — quotes the press-service of the Governor of the region Pavel Konkov.

The spokesman added that pre-school educational institutions in the Ivanovo region have the opportunity to attend all children aged 3 to 7 years. Coverage of children based on variation and alternative forms of preschool education is in the region of 86.5%. In 2016, the region has introduced 640 seats in preschool educational institutions. This year it is planned to create 430 additional seats, including at the expense of the complete construction of a kindergarten for 240 places in the city Kohma.

«Organizations of secondary professional education are to train qualified personnel 65 72 professions and specialties», — said the Agency interlocutor.