The world Russian Cathedral proposed to perpetuate the memory of killed leaders of Islam

© Photo : from the official website of Avandia Sheikh said AfandiThe world Russian Cathedral proposed to perpetuate the memory of killed leaders of Islam© Photo : official website of Sheikh said Afandi

The world Russian people’s Council (ARNS), with the aim of strengthening inter-religious peace proposed to perpetuate the names of the streets of Russian cities the names of Muslim leaders who defended traditional moral values and sacrificed for it with his life, reported RIA Novosti Director of the WRPC human rights center Roman Silantyev.

Among the Islamic leaders, whose memory it is proposed to perpetuate, two modern religious leader who died during terrorist acts: Valiulla Yakupov, was shot by terrorists in Kazan July 19, 2012, and Sheikh said-Afandi of Chirkey, who was killed on 28 August 2012 in Dagestan. Also we are talking about Muhammade-Safa Bayazitova, the former a prominent Muslim figure in pre-revolutionary Russia. In 1917, he strongly opposed the February revolution and drafted a proclamation in support of Nicholas II. In 1937, Bayazitov was sentenced to death and executed.

«We think that we need new heroes, which would have strengthened inter-religious peace, and these three men, which we proposed to perpetuate, are the real heroes who lived and died not only for the welfare of their fellow Muslims, but also for the Orthodox. They deserve not only to immortalize their memory in the names of streets, but also on the pages of historical textbooks. Thank God, fail not our country is heroes, there are new, and they need to remember and honor», — said Silantyev.

According to members of the ARNS, in honour of these Muslim leaders should be called a new street in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Makhachkala, and Orenburg.

«Such steps are very important to strengthen interfaith and interethnic peace in Russia, will demonstrate the solidarity of citizens of different nationalities and faiths face the dramatic challenges of the Russian statehood 100 years ago and still not removed from the agenda» — said in a statement released by the expert and human rights centers of the Cathedral.

The world Russian people’s Council — an international public organization founded in 1993. The head of the ARNS is the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. Since 2005, the Cathedral was granted special consultative status at the UN.