«Without a visa»: hundreds of Russian Muslims did not get to Hajj even after paying for the tour

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotomontajes Russian pilgrims on Hajj in Saudi Arabia.Archival photo«Without a visa»: hundreds of Russian Muslims did not get to Hajj even after paying for the tour© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in photobacteria she said

Hundreds of Russian Muslims, who bought this year’s tickets to the Hajj, will not have together with their co-religionists to make a quadruple bypass Holy Kaaba nor a prayer vigil on mount Arafat, no stoning Shaytan in Mina valley. All these customers of two travel companies — «Ural service» and «Tulip travel» — are unable to make the main thing in life of every Muslim pilgrimage. And that their passports did not appear Saudi visa, they found out at the airport — one in Ufa, the other in Moscow Domodedovo.

In total, according to the victims themselves, which they exchange in social networks, these victims are not the circumstances, not that unscrupulous tour operators were recruited 700 people. About 300 of them managed to fly to Mecca. But before that, I had a few days to spend in the Domodedovo hostel provided by the company «Tulip travel». Or «fleabag», as affectionately dubbed it the pilgrims. «The living conditions in it were so inappropriate, that people carried the mattresses outside and slept under the open sky», — informs the website of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Moscow.

But Muslims in Ufa and customers of «Ural-service» in Moscow was even less lucky — they generally will not fly away. Now in administration of the head of Bashkortostan wonder, «Why recruit so many people, if there is no possibility in time to the paperwork?» According to the Chairman of the Council on state-confessional relations under the head of the Republic of Belarus Vyacheslav Pyatkova, you must «fundamentally change the accounting of the pilgrims and order of issuance of visas».

Why it happened and who should be responsible for the cheating of pilgrims at RIA Novosti.

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Russian Muslims Albir Krganov has expressed sympathy failed to pilgrims. «Of course, it’s hard to go back home because of the lack of organization of tour operators. Hope this will not occur. But for God it is enough even one’s intention to perform the Hajj, when people paid the money and left home» consolation of believers mufti.

«It is clear that the tours are not expensive in the pocket of the ordinary believer, many every penny counts. But I would not recommend to go for the cheap tours. Sometimes it is necessary to pay five or ten thousand more,» — said Krganov.

Naturally, the cheaper the tour, the cheaper the hotel, the service and Shuttle service. Some operators even offer tours for 80 thousand rubles. «For such a small amount to the operators is almost impossible to organize the Hajj. This game on the feelings and purse should not be», — says the mufti.

According to him, religious organizations, received a quota for sending pilgrims themselves determine which tour operators will work. Therefore, the victim should contact to the organizers of the Hajj and to help them to understand what happened.

Ufa is, apparently, the Muftiate of the Republic of Bashkortostan, which established a single operator — the organizer of Hajj — the company «Ural service», offering the faithful a very tempting offer: the program «standard» for 150 thousand rubles and «economy» for 105 thousand — the lowest price in Russia.

Who is to blame?
«Under Russian law, for the improper performance of the contract on rendering of tourist services the tour operator is responsible. The issue was whether the issued contract and that they are registered, remains open. Most of the pilgrims — retirees who just do not understand such matters. Many Muslims, paying for a trip to Hajj, not even clarify the accredited tour operator of the Council on Hajj or not,» reads the website of the DUM of Moscow.

However, «Ural service» and «Tulip travel» did not respond to calls nor deceived pilgrims, nor journalists. His angry comments Muslims left on the page «Tulip» trevel «Vkontakte» and in the reviews about the company «Ural-service» on the website Halal Guide.

«This year purchased tickets to the Hajj, which was paid in February 2017, but was not able to perform the Hajj. As it turned out, not enough quota, this is what we became known around August 20, 2017! The company is unreliable, anything to anyone and not reported! Now we will return the money, I don’t know how to tell my parents! Recommend not to buy through them. We will write a complaint to DOOM, it is a disgrace» — says Mustafa, who tried to send in a pilgrimage of parents and relatives through the «Ural-service».

RIA Novosti, he said that the tour company never came in contact with him. Older people have arrived to Domodedovo from Rostov region and was stuck at the airport without food and basic amenities. But the family of Mustafa was lucky — them for a few days was sheltered by friends. And many of the customers of «Ural-service» had to wait their fate at the airport.

It turned out that previously, religious organizations were not used space in the quota. «Ural service» collected from the pilgrims ‘ money, then outbid these unused quotas and sent for him. But this year, this established, it seems that the procedure didn’t work — seats available just left, even after the allocation of additional quota of 3 thousand people.

«Now we contact with other victims, discussing the situation. We are about 700 people. Affected people from all over Russia. «Ural service» sold tickets on a pilgrimage with departure from Moscow. And everyone was getting myself, how could,» says Mustafa.

To law enforcement it while not addressed, says the Agency will deal DOOM. Someone suggest a free to go on lesser Hajj, you will die. And some promised to return the money. But while Mustafa is nobody on this issue is not contacted.

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotomontajes Russian pilgrims on Hajj in Saudi Arabia«Without a visa»: hundreds of Russian Muslims did not get to Hajj even after paying for the tour© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotomontajes Russian pilgrims on Hajj in Saudi Arabia
«This situation once again confirms that the most important trip of a Muslim’s life must be approached very seriously. It is known that every Spiritual administration of Muslims there is only one officially accredited by the operator who receives the quota for the Hajj. Numerous companies-agents, who also sell pilgrimage tours, do not receive quota, do not have offices in Moscow and can not solve the problems of Hajiyev. A good example of this — the situation in Domodedovo airport», — warns the DUM of Moscow.
Food for thought

In early July, the company «Ural service» held in the Moscow hotel «Garden ring» seminar on Hajj, which was attended by representatives of all regions of Russia. Discussed the problems, prospects of development and future plans. Was also announced the prices of the Hajj 2018 and discounts for those who pay in advance. So, the price of Hajj 2018: «economy» — 80 thousand and «standard» — 115 thousand rubles. «Places with limited discount!»

On the sites of some of the regional Spiritual administration of Muslims already appeared advertising this promotion.