After a major fire in Rostov-on-don opened a new criminal case

© Photo : DSME Resguardar on the residential sector in Rostov-on-donAfter a major fire in Rostov-on-don opened a new criminal case© Photo : DSME of Regardie

Criminal case about the deliberate destruction or property damage filed after a major fire in the centre of Rostov-on-don, the press service of the regional GU MVD of Russia.

A strong fire occurred in the afternoon of August 21 in a private house in the Theatre district of the descent near the main square of Rostov-on-don. The fire damaged about 120 buildings. For medical assistance to 58 people, nine were hospitalized. Under the rubble found the body of a man.

«Upon ignition of the residential houses on the street of Nizhny Novgorod Rostov-on-don has initiated a criminal case on signs of structure of the crime provided by part 2 of article 167 of the criminal code «Intentional destruction or damage of property», — stated in the message.

Previously been prosecuted for improper performance of duties by officials that were required to ensure fire safety. As stated in GUMCHS in the region, the main version of the cause of a major fire in Rostov-on-don consider «adding an external source of ignition».

Also reported in GU MVD of Russia in the Rostov region is created it is investigatory – operative group on investigation of causes of the fire. Currently, surveyed more than 380 victims. Among the possible versions of the investigators are considered variants of the «man-made nature, including the human factor,» during the investigation, police identified and questioned the realtors, who allegedly came to the people and tried to redeem their land. Of the real estate companies seized documents, which will be closely examined. Pre-installed a place that became a flashpoint, where are abandoned buildings.