Agrarians of Altai territory have threshed first million tons of grain

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Groovybeat in fotomontage grain. Archival photoAgrarians of Altai territory have threshed first million tons of grain© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Groovybeat the image Bank

Agrarians of Altai territory have threshed first million tons of grain, this was during a working trip to Krutihinsky area said the Governor Alexander Karlin.

According to him, mostly in the first million tonnes of crop grain winter crops of the early spring grain and legumes.

«This is a landmark in each harvesting event. The countdown to the millions of tons of grain in the Altai region went. Expect million this year will be sufficient. Today, when everywhere had good weather — dry and with high temperatures, agrarians Express confident statements about what the entire crop will be harvested at the optimum time. And this, among other things, determines the fairly high grain quality. It is also important from the standpoint of farm economy,» said Carlin.

According to the Ministry of agriculture of the region, farmers of the Altai territory will have to remove spring wheat with more than 2 million hectares, which corresponds to level of last year. All of the harvest in the Altai region will be involved more than 9,000 combine harvesters. In good weather, Altai farmers for the day can take 3-4% of the total harvesting area, that is, 115-120 thousand hectares.

Note that in the first half for modernization of agriculture is allocated to 3.85 billion rubles, an increase of one billion to the funding level of last year. Virtually all equipment acquired through participation in Federal and regional support programmes.

Earlier, the Governor reported that in the Altai region is the largest in Russia the area of arable land. The gross regional product agricultural output is a fifth of the average for Russia this share does not exceed 6-6,5%. More than one million inhabitants of the Altai region live in rural areas.